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Howdy!, Thank you for visiting CrinkleHub and checking “About” page. I am Oscar P. Oganiza, Computer Engineer by profession. Currently employed under the Philippine Government. I am taking up Masters Degree in Engineering Management at Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) in Cabanatuan City.

I started web programming when I was 20 y/o (5th year college) and created our own website (thesis) using “mybb” platform. It was a forum type website for all engineering students. After completing my BS degree, I developed my own portfolio (online resume) and used it as I apply for job.

Welcome to Crinklehub. This website serves to be an educational platform for all technology enthusiast.

Philippines is a developing country in South-east Asia. And technology plays a vital role in the rapid advancement and improvement of this nation. However, some of our locals aren’t informed of these great technologies.

Most websites that I visited have been into gadget reviews like smartphones and laptops. That is the reason I created this website. CrinkleHub envisions to broadcast comprehensive articles of the latest technology and relevant events.

It was created in September 2018, and formally started its mission later on.

Freelance Writers

Technology is a broad topic to share with everyone and it will be difficult for me to tackle all significant events. Writers in different niches are also welcome to submit articles. We are encouraging everybody to send us your noble piece. It is our pleasure to work with great writers like you.