Understanding the Blockchain

It is a decentralized public ledger for cryptocurrency transactions. Transaction Information and exchanges are stored in a database called “Block” Blocks are formed in a chronological order to keep track of digital currency transactions called “Blockchain” All data exchanges are being recorded and kept in the blockchain. Blockchains cannot be edited, adjusted, altered or changed. […]

QR Code Explained

Developed in 1994 by Denso Wave (a Japanese subsidiary in the Toyota Group). The team was headed by Masahiro Hara. Information is encoded in both vertical and horizontal direction. It allows to encode over 7, 089 characters and readable by smartphones. QR Code stands for “Quick Response”. History  When Japan hits its high economic growth […]

Internet of Things

Anything that is connected to the internet Any device with the capability of connecting to the internet Web- enabled devices that gather and share information they acquired using communication hardware Every physical object being connected to the internet Simply imagine your smartphone talking to your smart tv, or controlling your lights using your phone. Most […]

What is Technology ?

The application of knowledge and skills to make goods or to provide services. Set of knowledge and skills which when applied orderly enable humans to modify materials to meet their needs. The use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and applications. It is the result of scientific knowledge which is being used for practical purposes […]