Start your Own Blog using these 5 Easy Steps

I was talking to my work colleague this evening about how easy and rewarding it is to get into blogging yet so many people don’t have the direction to get it started. So I thought about summarizing “How to start a blog” in 5 easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Choose your niche and blog name

Easy? Not really. This should be the first and the primary thing you should be doing. When it comes to deciding a name for your blog,don’t just go with the first name that pops in your head. Take your time a couple of hours or even weeks to think about what you are passionate about and would like to write about. The name you choose will stick with you for the rest of your blogging career so make sure you don’t pick something you’ll regret 5 years from now.

Step 2: Buy your Domain + Hosting

Check if you preferred name is available to buy.

Once you have both your Domain name and hosting you need to connect both the accounts. Follow these steps:

My Accounts → Information & Settings → Account DNS: copy this information and update it on your domain registrar.

Then head back to My Accounts > cPanel > Add on domains: Add your domain information there

Step 3: Install WordPress on your Hosting Account

On your cPanel, if you scroll down a little you will see an option to Install WordPress. 

Once done, pick a theme for your new website.

Step 4: Make a Google Analytics account

This is a very important step in your blogging career. If you can’t track your traffic, all of this is for nothing. So make sure to sign up for a Google Analytics account and connect your website.

Step 5: Social Media is your Friend

If you are new to blogging like I am, you can’t count on your organic traffic. So make use of all the different social media channels out there. I would suggest you to pick the 2 or 3 main channels and focus all your efforts on those.

I use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for my blogging efforts. So far, Pinterest brings in the maximum amount of traffic for my blog as I schedule my posts.

When it comes to Facebook, I share my content on different Facebook groups . These are groups of like-minded people mostly bloggers who you can connect to.

Remember Blogging is a world in itself. If you aren’t ready to be out there, this might not be for you

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