What is Technology ?

  • The application of knowledge and skills to make goods or to provide services.
  • Set of knowledge and skills which when applied orderly enable humans to modify materials to meet their needs.
  • The use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and applications.
  • It is the result of scientific knowledge which is being used for practical purposes
  • These are things created by humans to make lives easier.
  • The application of science in industry, engineering etc. to invent useful things and/or to solve problems

The advent of new technologies is inevitable. Our society has been dramatically changed with the advancement of science and innovation. Prior to the arrival of modern day technology, life was difficult, and everyday tasks consumed a lot of our time. Vast opportunities are being provided, and access to our basic necessities has been streamlined with the use of technology.

Fields of Development

  • Health and medicine

    • The internet has become the main source of medical information
    • Healthcare facilities are reaching patients using social media
    • Better treatment and less suffering
    • Improve patient care and work efficiency
    • Doctors and medical practitioners are easier to reach and better at their jobs
  • Information and Communication

    • Moving to a paperless system
    • Business marketing using social media
    • Wireless communication
    • Speed and efficiency
  • Agriculture

    • Use of machine on farms
    • Modern transportation
    • Genetically produce plants
    • Breeding of animals
    • Irrigation of plants
  • Education

    • Teaching aid
    • Easier to store information
    • Accessible information
    • Eliminated space and time constraints
  • Transportation

    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Fuel alternatives
    • GPS and navigation
  • Economy

    • Productivity
    • Acceleration
    • Globalization

Technology drawbacks

On the other hand, the erroneous use of technology has its downsides. Some of those are listed below

  • Security

    • Private information can be easily breached going into the hands of vicious entities
  • Crime and terrorism

    • Malevolent forces can easily spread terror.
  • Social disconnect

    • Nowadays, people socialize and communicate via digital means rather than real life contact
  • Addiction

    • Social media, computer games and impractical websites could waste huge amount of time and money
  • Cyberwarfare

    • An attack and attempt to damage other nation’s computer networks and information systems.


The acquisition of technology, for instance, a computer or a TV set, and our whole lives change. Instead of spending our free time outdoors and getting some fresh air and physical activities, we become slaves to technology.

Hacking into someone’s personal and private information, the facile spread of terror through social media causing fear and anxiety to every nation and the threat to country’s peace and prosperity through cybercrimes and security breaching of terrorists’ organizations are the drawbacks if the modern technology is used imprudently.


Technology, today, is undeniably vital in our life. It revolutionizes every aspect of people’s lives.  Its application assists in rapid development to attain sustainable development. However, the improper utilization of technology may cause misfortune to population, worse is, devastation of a nation.




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