You Should Try Working in the Philppine Government After Reading this 5 Favorable Reasons

Let us see how “Mon Querobin” (in Quora) explained that benefits in the Philippine government is better than private institutions.

Security of Tenure

When you get a plantilla position, there is no way for you to get fired (of course if you do something prohibited then you might be removed) unless by a court ruling.

Ease of Travel

Government employees get easier time at the immigration. As long as you have the authority to travel from your agency’s Secretary or head, you can easily leave the country.


Networking is easy. Working at the science department is also knowing the personal emails of some people you see on TV. In addition to personal emails, I had a chance to meet with people whose opinions matter in the nation building.

Making a Difference

It feels good to know that you are making a difference. I am very fortunate to work in an agency where the people sincerely strive to elevate the lives of Filipino people.

Benefits, Coverage and Contributions

The Philippines created Social Security System (SSS) and Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for private and government employees together with their families protection against sickness, disability, old age and death.


In addition to SSS and GSIS, HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund was also established. Its is a provident savings system. Usually, it provides housing loans to private and Philippine Government employees. It aims to provide financial assistance to their needs through Housing Loan, Calamity Loan and Multi-Purpose Loan.


On top of that, PhilHealth was also created. It is a financial assistance for employees with a practical means of paying for adequate medical care in the Philippines. Financial assistance was also provided for inpatient and outpatient hospitalization.


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